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New Mountain City

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A Master Planned Community. Custom Arch/Engineered for the 21st Century.

The above is a new. Green Energy City, using many of our various now available. New Green Energy Systems technologies. Making this city completely off the electric power grid system that most cities commonly use., 365 days a year. Green Energy Arch/Engr Design at its very best ! Integrated Systems Engineering.



From Concept to Reality is our Norm and not., The exception.

Fallout Shelter Locations Nationwide made for you. For you. The public provided / made by our Government

  • If you ever wanted a $ saving " Solar System "for your home. You need to be talking to us ! Solar Panels System designed and installed for your entire Home needs
  • If you ever wanted a " Safe Room "for your home or bussn. You need to be talking to us ! You might just want to consider a safe room for Safe Room
  • If you ever wanted an " Electric Dune Buggy ". Well. You need to be talking to us ! These are new Plug-in over night. Larger all terrain Dune Buggy's ! Avail in TN only.
  • If you ever wanted to " convert " that gasoline car or SUV into a " Plug-in electric car " for your home or bussn. You need to be talking to us ! We will professionally convert your existing car or SUV into 100% all Electric plug-in Cars / Truck conversions. All customizations are in TN only. Call or e-mail for inquires.
  • If you are a do-it-your self er., and your want to " convert " your car or SUV into a plug-in electric car. You need to be talking to us ! We sell Heavy Duty High Voltage DC motors for Electric plug-in Cars Yes ! You would be able to drive at highway speeds !
  • If you ever wanted to find a " High-End Remodelers " yet at " Affordable Prices " for your home or bussn. You need to be talking to us ! From : Residential kitchen or entire home remodeling service. To. New home or bussn interior office finish outs. Custom High-End commercial Bars for home or bussn. To. Outside home kitchens.
  • If you ever wanted an in home " Elevator " for your home. You need to be talking to us ! Residential Elevators for any reason as Remodeled Installation only. Meaning as an add-on to your existing home.
  • If you ever wondered where you can get a emergency air filtrations system for your home or bussn. You need to be talking to us ! Positive Flow Entire Home NBC ( H1N1 etc germs ) whole house air filtration system.
  • If you ever wanted a custom ( non-cookie cut home ). You need to be talking to us ! We are developers for Custom High-End Home Designs / Builder / Blueprints / Interior Designer and pre-construction design and consulting services to part time project management / consulting. Our homes are Built for you the old fashioned way. Custom Built to last you at least a lifetime or more !
  • If you ever wanted to fine someone that cares enough to offer " Remodeling Services for the Disabled " for your home or bussn. You need to be talking to us ! Custom High-End Remodeling Services for, Home Modifications for any Specialized need and any age group. From access ramps to customized Kitchens and Bathrooms etc., Yes, We care.
  • If you ever wanted a " New Kitchen " for your home or bussn. You need to be talking to us ! Complete Kitchen Design and Kitchen Remodeling
  • If you ever wanted a to fine a " Developer " for your home or bussn. You need to be talking to us ! Custom High-End Commercial Design / Development from Office to Resorts.
  • If you ever wanted to find someone that can create a " Subterranean Home. You need to be talking to us ! Subterranean High-End Home ( underground home ) which doubles as underground bomb shelter / bunker for long term use for your entire family.
  • If you ever wanted a " Safe Haven " location to run to for your entire family. In the case of an emergency. You need to be talking to us ! New Mountain City for 2010 and beyond into the 21st Century. Is a combined effort master planned community. Click on the picture / rendering above to learn more.
  • If you ever wanted a Secrete area for your home or bussn. You need to be talking to us ! Secrete passageways designed for your in office security or, for your entire family in home security reasons.
  • If you ever wondered whom can place computer fixtures into and for your home or bussn. You need to be talking to us ! Smart Homes design concepts are now available for all homes that we built / areas.
  • If you ever wanted your very own castle home. You need to be talking to us ! Want to live in a European style old world castle with some modern day appeal ? We are now offering these one of a kind homes ! And when we say castle we mean castle such as in the day of King Arthur.
  • If you ever wanted a Save $ for your home with a greenhouse. You need to be talking to us ! Green houses ( high-end ) are now being offered for year around garden and food growth for your personal use and consumption.
  • If you ever wanted a better then average security system for your home or bussn. You need to be talking to us ! Security Systems are., Custom Designed Systems only.
  • If you are seeking a high-profit commercial grade net 40 Megawatt Commercial Power Station. Using E2E Tech. You need to be talking to us ! Green Energy System Developers
  • If you ever wanted to save $ before your newly built or remodeled that home or bussn. You need to be talking to us ! Consulting Service's saves your $$,$$$ in the long run by avoiding those costly mistakes !
  • If you ever thought about investing the old fashioned way ( not in the stock market ) to make $. Then... You need to be talking to us ! See link below that takes to our private silent investor section list.

Consulting Services Designed to saves you $

E2E Tech is the best electric power system now available on earth! Zero Emissions. Best of all. This method for creating electric power yields the. Highest profit margins compared to all other existing...

Necessities for Life so what's the big deal anyway ?



The Impossible made Possible :

Do you remember when., all scientist world wide used to think that the world was flat and to think otherwise was thought to very much be a crazy non scientific notion? I mean, they actually thought that you had to be crazy to think that the world was round and not flat ! Not to mention that monsters would be waiting for you at the earth's flat outer edge!

Well as it turned out., they were all 100% wrong. Yes, scientist do make mistakes ! And more importantly speaking. As it turned out. It was a non scientist that actually discovered that the world was not flat. That man was Christopher Columbus. And he had discovered this fact via very simply being extremely observant. Here was what he did... He sat on the wooden dock as the ships of his day sailed off into the sunset… He noticed that the ships seemed to sink…. With the tip of the sails being the very last thing that he saw before they actually disappeared into the distant sunset. Versus. If., the world was actually flat. He concluded that we would all have seen the entire ship become smaller and smaller to a very small point as they sailed further, and further away into the sunset.

Do you remember when., all whom dreamed of flying someday were thought to be nothing but silly and or crazy but. Big non-realistic dreamers wishing for things that were completely impossible to do and that this kind of wishful thinking would never come true ? Flying is for the birds ! Was the norm of yesterdays thinkers. WHAT you say Sir ! Something HEAVIER than AIR can FLY ? I say NEVER ! LOL ! ! !

Yet today we are able to fly from New York to London and back. No prblem.Not only that. It's become a way of life. Perhaps in the future we will all be able to travel to the moon if, not mars as well.

Do you remember when., the thought of talking to an other person that was literally many miles away or even in an other country on the other side of the planet was thought of as crazy talk ! That cant be done ! It was said . And not only that. Talking - Through the air that we breath ? ! No way never ! Or, talking via a cable or elaborate wiring house to house etc system ( network ) was thought to be completely unrealistically impossible ? Crazy ! ?

Yes. That was said over and over again. Just before telephones and the modern day phone system was ever invented. These days we not only can talk on wired phone but we can talk also talk on wireless phones at that ! Driving down the freeway 55 miles an hour and talking hands free. Is also possible as we all now take this fact for granted. Had I of mentioned that idea and thought way back. Hummm makes you wonder huh ? The nasty comment one might get from the skeptics. Anyhow. I’m sure most all of you have a cell phone. If not I’m sure you’ve seem them originally used ......

On Star Trek was conceptually responsible for this in part. So its good to dream and think., and finally invent it !

Do you remember when., the very thought of re-heating left over’s for dinner or last nights left over pizza with-in two minutes was… or had to be a magic trick of some sort ? Yes this was actually thought to be impossible ! Nah that's crazy ! Impossible ! NAhhhh.... That's gotta be some kind of trick !

Today the microwave is used world wide. And no. It is not a trick. Just good science. And it was an invention that was discovered by accident as a matter of fact.

Do you remember when., the thought of things that you couldn't’t see was crazy talk ?

For example: People didn't think, nor believe in super tiny things that you could not see… Today we all know how / what small germs are and how in fact., They can and do to make us all very sick if exposed to them.

For example: Oxygen. You cant see it…. But we sure need it. I’m sure you all believe in not only that its real but we all are seeking these days for clear, clean air for better overall heath.

For example: Electricity. You normally can not see it. But, if you have ever been shocked you can sure say that its for real ! We all use this invisible creation in many more ways then we might all care to think of on a daily basis. And like most inventions it was discovered from natures prime example. In this case. Lighting.

Do you remember when., the though of not getting up to change the channel on your TV was though to be impossible ? Yea right ! It was said. People used to change the channels via a hand dial on the TV set. But...

Now-a-days. We couldn't think of buying any TV that didn't come with a basic remote control. But just before the remote was invented they used to actually have a long wired cable box with heavy push clumpy buttons to enable you to sit on your sofa and change those cable channels. Wow, that used to be modern for its day. LOL.

Do you remember when., the thought of transplanting a heart was thought to be impossible to do ? As well as crazy talk ! Not to mention Frankenstein stuff !!

Yet. These days its not only hearts that are being transplanted. Its also lungs and livers and kidneys etc., etc. (long list.) People are now on long waiting list's for these life saving procedures ! And that's a fact. Best of all. Resent news event. Non-Science fiction fact. News UpDate. Face Transplant. The New England Journal of Medicine

Do you remember when., the first computer actually took up an entire very large room wall to wall ! And that is a fact ! And it was thought to be truly impossible ( crazy talk ) to reduce it size dramatically ! No. Never happen., Said the skeptics !

Well. As we all know. Today we have laptops. Need I say more ?

Do you remember when., it's been said. Over and over again that. No way ! Its impossible to make E2E ( electricity via electricity !) ? For others yes. But for us., After many years of much R & D No.

Well ....Today. We at DeLagostti Industries are now in fact exclusively able to do just that ! And make that claim ! That nobody else on the face of this earth can but us., now say. And in large enough amounts to... For example to run a larger SUV at highway speeds 55 mph or more from coast to coast Non Stop ! We have a design for just that. And we are willing to prove just that via our first design. Plus that mentioned design it would NEVER, EVER, need to be plugged into any wall outlet ! overnight ! We mean it when we say. Never ! It is SELF RE-CHARGING while rolling down the highway ! And. We now likewise have a design for a 30 megawatt 100% Electricity from electricity E2E System that shall be able to create 30 megawatts of 100% pure clean electric energy.

I mention this electro-mechanical marvel of an integrated custom engineering of an invention. To mostly invite you reading this. To remind you of one major factoid. That its commonly been said by many people that ... They would have LOVED to have be the investors of the first computer. Or the first software etc., ever created of now commonly known fact from years past. Ever heard it said. Yea well. Looking back is 20/20 ? Well ..... I know you get my point. Today right hear and right now we at DeLagostti Industries are inviting you to help us make history once again !

For full investor project list - Please visit our., Investor Project Section


Today we are all seeking many solutions to many world wide problems. From : Green Energy Systems., etc., etc. long list. And it takes thinkers that can think most commonly outside the box..... So to speak. To properly navigate in today's trying world. We truly hope the above examples & reminders will help you all to start thinking just a little bit harder when your told adamantly., By most limited thinkers ( skeptics.) Auuuuh., No way… What are you crazy ! That’s impossible !! All I ask is that you keep an open mind and check out the facts and ask to see the proof.... From there, the rest is easy !


History is on our side ! And the future is now !

Thank You,

Sarah Angelina DeLagostti
Manhattan, New York City
United State Territories


A personal special note to all. I would like to first say thank you for visiting our web site. This web site is to., Please. Be read as if I were talking to you in person. That's how it was written. That's just my personal style. And this site is best of all..... If not skim read. Cheers !!!


If you were told in years past. By the worlds many common skeptics & the various limited thinkers.

No, It just cant be done ! Then. You have finally come to - The right people... With the right. We can do it attitude !


Green Energy Systems - Custom- Engineered for the 21st Century

Are you looking to invest into a brand new. Beyond Green System Technologies ? We now have a few excellent money making new well beyond green energy projects. To be learn about and greatly consider. Which one might be right for you ? For more information. Please follow our link Investor Project Section. There after. Simply. Contact us and ask for our Executive Summary for further details.


The world has recently greatly changed and is now changing daily. Have you changed along with it ? Or will you be left behind ?


E2E Tech / Systems = Electro / Mech - Phase - Induction. 22 July 2010, 2:41 pm. We have done what other have only tried ! Our new E2E Tech / systems = Electro / Mech - Phase - Induction. Which is one of a kind ! Various uses and applications. From SELF RE-CHARGING SUV as you drive it.

Please do Visit the E2E Tech page Re: NET 40 Megawatt Commercial Power Plant of pure electric ! More on our web site via our investor project section. Contact us to learn more !


This is the Armadillo proof of concept - Build - Prototype.

SELF RE-CHARGING E2E Tech Custom Engineered. at 25 mph to 55 mph highway speeds or More !

Armadillo XE 3 Military Design all Terrain Amphibious to 30 feet

Armadillo EX 1 ( Retail Model ) is not shown.

SELF RE-CHARGING E2E Tech Custom Engineered. at 25 mph to 55 mph highway speeds or More !

We have been seeking funds for an all electric SUV that Never, Ever shall need to be recharged since it is " SELF RE-CHARGING " as it drives down the road over 25 MPH Endless mile range at highway speeds ! The mentioned custom engineered project is our Armadillo XE 1 SUV mentioned in our investor section Private Investor Page of our web site.


This is the., Ultimate larger all electric SUV that shall make ALL other cars and SUV's propulsion systems OBSOLETE.

To learn about E2E Tech see E2E Tech


Electric Vehicle / Car NEWS

HSBC predicts unrivalled electric vehicle market boom
HSBC has forecast that the global low-carbon market will treble by 2020, with the electric vehicle market set to experience unparalleled growth in the next ten years.

Electric Vehicle Boom is Predicted by 2020 in the Trillions !



If your interested in this once in a lifetime private soon to be HISTORIC achievement.

Open - Seed Capital Request - Armadillo SUV Offer on Google DOCs

Help us make this HISTORIC Achievement become a Reality and become even Wealthier in the process !


Fallout Shelter Locations Nationwide made for you. For you. The public provided / made by our Government


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