Armadillo XE 1, 2, & 3

This is a request for SEED Capital for : The., Armadillo Proof of Concept - Build - Prototype.

Its is a... SELF RE-CHARGING / SELF PROPAGTING vehicle as you drive it down the road over 25 mph and up to 55 mph plus speeds ! Not only that : We do in fact have a stationary working prototype to back this claim ! Private Investors. Welcomed !


IS-GEN ( Integrated Systems Generator ) = E2E System = Electro / Mech - Phase - Induction





Please Note: As to what the actually final proof of concept prototype shall actually and finally look like is actually very irrelevant to us., Since its sole reason to exist ( at all ) shall be to - In fact. Be driven from LA to NY without ever stopping. That said. It can look like a ( what-ever.) Literally.

The proof of concept prototype is NOT the final ( made for the public ) retail design. There-fore it has been removed due to many past assumptions and confusion for this very fact.

However. That said : If you are designer. We shall be considering any submissions sent to us.


Armadillo XE 3 Military Design all Terrain Amphibious to 30 feet

Armadillo EX 1 ( Retail Model ) is not shown.


EX 3 Military - Amphibious & Tow capable all Terrain extreme E2E model.

Armadillo XE 1 & 2 Designs are NOT shown anywhere in this entire web site. Non of our SUV retail designs are ever shown.


On topic Conversation Thread / Blog happening now. Via my LinkedIn group THINK TANK for the WORLD


The ARMADILLO XE 1 uses E2E Tech developed by us. DeLagostti Industries. To learn more about E2E Tech please visit related page

To learn about E2E Tech see E2E Tech


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HSBC has forecast that the global low-carbon market will treble by 2020, with the electric vehicle market set to experience unparalleled growth in the next ten years.

Electric Vehicle Boom is Predicted by 2020 in the Trillions !


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Below you will find some OLD e-mails only conversations about this one of a kind 100% all electric larger SUV that never, ever needs, to be plugged into the wall and., which shall be able to drive at highway 55 MPH speeds ! Coast to coast non stop. Better then that it just doesn't get !

Ms DeLagostti. What has been the number one question you get ?

Oddly ...... I get this very same question every time this topic come up :

Question: So tell me .... What your larger SUV. Hummm ? What - does it run on Sarah ?

Answer : LOL., Like I said. And., like I have to keep on saying. It runs on 100% electricity. End of story. ( more details at the bottom of this web page )

Best of all we have irrevocable proof via a small prototype. Proof of concept working prototype. Interested investor/s should contact us for an Executive Summary etc info. Bottom line is. That we can prove what we are claiming. Executive Summary available via e-mail by request only.


In a message dated 4/24/2009 7:44:18 P.M. Central Daylight Time, deb writes:
What do you think? Deb

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Date: Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 11:39 AM
Subject: electric car motor question

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Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 22:55:48 -0600
Subject: RE: I would recommend getting "Build Your Own Electric Vehicle" by Bob. It contains significan...

Hi Deborah,

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. My analysis was actually assuming that the electric motor was 100% efficient and passing along to the car all the energy that came from the battery. If you look at Sanjay’s analysis built on top of mine, you will see that he assumed the motor was 85% efficient. This is pretty realistic. This means that 15% of the energy from the batteries is lost as heat instead of passing to the wheels as drive energy.

It is possible to use the motor as a generator and use it to help charge the batteries, but it rapidly slows the car down. This is what happens during regenerative braking. It is a great way to recover energy when slowing down the car, but it can’t create any new energy.


From: [] On Behalf Of Deb (LinkedIn Messages)
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 11:01 AM
To: Mike

Deb recently posted on On LinkedIn the question below as follows :

Deb B has sent you a message.

Date: 4/22/2009

What are the odds that an electric motor could be so efficient that it would not need to be recharged but would develop enough power by driving to actually store the energy.

Miss DeLagostti's View and reply to that question above is below as follows.....


Yes. He is correct in what he is saying for from., his conventional / knowledge to date based information and education only.

For example : No more then if you asked a man from yesteryear if he thought that a telephone could be used wireless while talking in a moving car 55 mph on the freeway.

Years ago they would have laughed at you just for asking such a silly question since everyone knew back then that all phones where wired from the poles ! LOL You might have even made the local news for asking such an odd thing ? !

However. What we are doing now and can prove that we have done and can do via this working small scale prototype is simple speaking irrevocable proof END OF STORY. That's why we built it knowing full well that it was a much have item for this invention.

In short.... I must say that. It's not their fault that they only have limited knowledge is all.

And where they stopped learning and received an engineering degree. We quickly moved forward into what is now known as the. IS-GEN project ( E2E green energy system.) It is literally YEARS ahead of its time ! And that's now a provable fact : )

Thank You,

Sarah Angelina DeLagostti
Manhattan, New York City
United State Territories
Skype SaraAngelina007




Below is a copy of a post that I did regarding an announcement of the worlds fastest electric vehicle. Also posted on my Facebook.

Sarah DeLagostti - March 27th, 2009 at 11:55 am PDT

Honestly speaking. Here is what I really think.

I personally think a larger 4 door 100% all electric non-plug in SUV that can drive at highway speeds., coast to coast is what the world actually needs.

Sports cars are great for young guys that aren't’t married. Or retired older men that are being young again. But. Zippy, Zippy, potential roll over death traps are not for this girl. Nor do I feel that this is a car for a family of four plus the family pet. LOL.

I mean. I wouldn’t want my husband owning a girl magnet car ether. No. Not even for weekends drives. Especially if I cared about him and our marriage, and if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him…..

So I don’t understand why anyone wants a car. Any car for that matter EV or not. That can go that fast.

However. If I was a speed junkie. Here is what I would do.

I would buy me a fast private airplane and…. the slowest airspeed for one of those is some 160 MPH ( land speed ) right ? And so. That was a question ?

Anyhow that's just my thoughts….

Thank You,

Sarah Angelina DeLagostti
Manhattan, New York City
United State Territories

End of copy of a post that I did regarding an announcement of the worlds fastest electric vehicle. Above. Also posted on my Facebook.


From: SarahDeLagostti
To: omitted
Sent: 10/31/2008 12:05:14 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Armadillo EX 1 and 2

In a message dated 10/31/2008 12:57:43 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, omitted writes:


We are in agreement regarding present hybrids. My point is sending you the news article was to point out the abundance of assembly lines suddenly abandoned. Those will retain value, no matter what is assembled on them.

The big 3 are having their stock driven into the ground. It looks like cash rich oil may take ownership of all of them. Exxon/Mobile = $14.8 billion profit this quarter while the auto companies go almost as far into the red. Strings being attached to a government bailout of Detroit appear to be written by oil, thanks to the present administration. If true, the present guys won't be open to any new fuel source. This would make your system the intelligent choice, but as long as oil controls government, there may be problems just getting a license to operate on public roads.




Hello Ken,

Yes, good to know that we are in agreement. Again.

So far as being able to be on the road.... I had thought that one through, a bit. I was thinking that......... Once the Armadillo is up and running we plan on taking it on the open road at highway speeds 55 mph with overhead news choppers and a state police escort for each state that we elect to drive through.

We would have a news conformance at the road trip onset ( start ) and a news conference at the end. We would advertise on CNN ( commercial ) our web site address and toll free number while al this is taking place. Yes most people cant afford 110 k for larger SUV car so we plan on setting the new car standard to 10 year payment plan thus lowering the overall monthly cost. In short they / it will be understood that this car shall be costing them only the same as what it would cost them to operate / maintain a larger gasoline powered car plus the costly oil changes etc that you wont have via the Armadillo XE 1 or 2. Or perhaps less depending on their driving habits. Once its paid for. Its all gravy from there on ! Savings ! No more car payments and next to none maintenance cost by comparison !

For example : The radial tire was blocked in court at first for many years due to the concerns that a radial steel belted tire would place tire makers out of bussn. They did a class action suite if I'm not mistaken ? Instead now a days we know just how wrong they were. And the same people that went to court have now put their children through college from the much sale of those very tires ! Yes they had that fear factor thing going on. LOL. I mildly suspect that this might happen for us as well. But we can overcome that issue with jobs, jobs, and jobs, galore for the USA. Directly and indirectly as well. Yes, we would want to use the factories that once built those liquid based / fuel based non electric, air pollution cars. We suspect that the entire world will want one of our cars and I don't feel that this is a over statement at all.

The public demand ( and later on world demand ) should be great. And I have been noticing that anything electric is often shot down before it starts. Have you noticed that also ? But the fact remains that nothing on the entire planet comes close to what we have now via the all electric Armadillo ! An all electric larger SUV that never, ever needs, to be plugged into the wall and., is able to drive at highway speeds !

Better then that it just doesn't get !

Thank You,

Sarah Angelina DeLagostti
Manhattan, New York City
United State Territories


I still love these old cars even today. They are just - Classy !

A hybrid is no solution at all. And it is extremely hard to mix electric and gasoline. Depending on driving speed., one actually fights the other thus a very bad mix.

Even if someone where to do it correctly. All the oil companies would have to do is raise the gasoline price more, and more, no matter how good that hybrid gets. So long as it has fuel as a requirement it is and always shall be a slave to price hikes !

100% electric SUV / car is the only future for the car industry end of story !

Thank You,

Sarah Angelina DeLagostti
Manhattan, New York City
United State Territories



Nicola Tesla., held many brilliant electro mechanical patents. However, he preferred AC current versus DC.


Albert Einstein, also held various patents needless to say. But on the other hand. Einstein adamantly preferred DC power for a few reasons better safety being one of them. So needless to say they didn't agree.

I mention this since AC and DC are both electric power yes as we all know but., They are both very different. And., well.... The end result can still be the same. 120 volts AC 60 Hz. But, overall this is a key topic all to itself. And I mention this issue since. It's an important point that is much now a days very much missed by most all whom are involved in electricity related engineering for the 21st Century.



I was recently asked via GlobalSpec ( while I was an active online member ) I have since left.

Topic : Armadillo ( by DeLagostti Industries ) SUV our larger car that never, ever, needs to be plugged into the wall ( non-solar ).
This is a copy of recent online conversation as follows:

From: Sarah Angelina DeLagostti
Sent: 10/11/2008 12:15 AM
To User Groups: United States
Subject: Hello

Just thought to say hello....
Thank You,

Sarah Angelina DeLagostti
Manhattan, New York City
United State Territories


From: DrMoose
Sent: 10/11/2008 12:21 PM
To: Sarah Angelina DeLagostti
To User Groups: United States
Subject: Re: Hello

My Dear Ms. DeLagostti,
Greetings and welcome to the American user group. I looked at your website and liked your "mountain home" graphic so much I put it up on my desktop. I do hope you don't mind.

I must confess to some skepticism regarding your all-electric large SUV. Frankly, it sounds like the idea violates both the energy conservation law and the second law of thermodynamics. Please do not take this the wrong way, I am the last person to ever say that anything is impossible. But, I have heard of no breakthroughs in "zero-point", vacuum energy, or anything which could possibly account for it. It sounds much to much like a "perpetual motion machine".
Now, I do not wish to compromise any proprietary information, but could you give us a hint as to how this is possible?


Here is my reply

Well that's the multi-billion dollar question isn't it LOL. Glad you like our new mountain city project on our homepage. If you click on the picture you can find out what's it's all about etc.

I talk on my homepage as well about those that used to not understand many things thus non believers / skeptics and that's mentioned at the very bottom of my home page.

Some people have done what I have done yet they have done similar to me but., not the same. Meaning. At a very much lower wattage and much lower volts etc amps. And they simply couldn't take it any further. Nor up as we can and have been able to. I started large ( design wise ) and I had to scale it way down.

Case in point.

What we are doing has powered my entire home with everything electrical on ! I live in a 3 story 6,000 square foot home with a partial basement and a small guest home off the rear deck. And we have run it for a while not just few minutes.

Most importantly. Since I'm not into a lot of talking and chat about theory of this and that..... With that said. I'm much more into prove., being a long time skeptic myself. Which is exactly why I have hands on irrevocable proof via my prototype. Mentioned above. So... I'm not just talking in that regard. I know how quickly people tend to go into the " That's impossible mode " to quickly just put the blinders on ! I used to be like that as well. Sorry to say. But put an other way. It has only taken me half my lifetime to get to this point thus far ! I'm not one to announce something that isn't true and verifiable !

Sad fact actually for those that are close minded thinkers., especially when I / we have hands on verifiable proof !

For the one/s that does eventually take me/us seriously enough to simply check it out. Well for them... and I etc and the many whom need real electric cars shall do extremely well by this very extreme invention.

• The cosmos are an endless example of on-running function of endless energy.

• The human body is an other clue.

• The sun and how it runs yet it is contained and doesn't exploded yet continues is an other local example etc.

• Our oceans have electricity in them and this is just now getting recognized by the military to use in submarines potentially speaking that is.

And what we are doing is nothing more than “continuous energy” and NOT motion. However, motion is a by-product of what I just said.

I do have an executive summary for this invention. If you care to see it I can send it to you. You can use it in your travels. If you find anyone willing to seriously look at this and they can and are willing to first proof that they do in fact have the funds required via my attorney. I will show it to them, him or her etc.

In short. I'm willing to pay a finders fee once we actually acquire the needed funds to start the onset construction of the SUV ( phase 2 ) that I've been describing on the web site. In turn., lm sure that you can use $100,000 and now your personally have it in writing.

And you mis-spelt my last name

Thank You,

Sarah Angelina DeLagostti
Manhattan, New York City
United State Territories




I can see that you have an extremely negative attitude in general. I have undeniable proof. That's paramount for any invention such as this one. Once I get this even a little bit further along. I will have people begging me to take there money as investors. I rather find them now versus after the fact.

You see the glass is half empty for you from what I can see while I see it half full since I'm an optimist. Always have been always will be. Meaning that. I stay away from negative people. And your letter speaks more of you more-so then for what you are saying.

I wish you well in your travels.

Thank You,

Sarah Angelina DeLagostti
Manhattan, New York City
United State Territories


In a message dated 10/25/2008 6:01:15 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, omitted writes:

Dropped Joe out of the discussion I see
Oh I read your executive summery, you have a working stationary system. I caught it, just wondering about the motivation.

The light bulb is a good example of energy being converted, into light & heat.
A standard SUV converts liquid fuels into rotational force [HP] which all gets converted into heat to overcome friction, [bearings, wind...] gravity....
So, actually we agree, we are surrounded by various forms of energy [light , heat, gravity, radiation, the earths primary electrical field & some others yet to be described] all the time, you are just converting to a more usable form with your energy system(s).

Of course I want to know how you are doing it, I always dissect any application of whatever technology or system. You will reveal in your own good time w/ whatever preconditions you feel appropriate. I'll be happy to discuss any of the control systems for utilizing the energy once it is converted/"created". I have many years of experience designing, modifying & installing industrial scale electrical/electronic systems, flexibility, ease of installation, availability of spares, servicibility being key points.

AC or DC watts is watts. I always have a visceral reaction to brushes, hate em. Messy, expensive, inefficent & dangerous around charging batteries. Brushless is another story. There is a certain elegance & simplicity to DC, avoiding the wasteful conversions from ac to DC. There is no beating the availibility, size & weight of multi-phase AC motors. More phases reduces the amount of expensive lg diameter copper windings needed.

My attitude is I'm probably going to be wasting my time, talking with you. But there is a small chance I may get a return on my investment [time so far], there is only 1 way to find out [continue, move forward].
This is my usual mode set very high impossible goals, accept that failure is the most likely outcome, put my head down & see how close I can come.
There are deep pockets I can access. I haven't even used them for my own projects yet. I will probably only get one chance to make a formal pitch & I'm not going to waste it or give away too much by being in a position of weakness or desperation. Timing is key & recognizing when the time is right. As things stand I'm a couple of years away from that step. My companies ultimate direction has not become clear. We've had various lessor VC [venture capitolist] guys sniffing around, but we need to be in a position of strength & mutual benefit, before taking on that double edged sword.
The shit sandwich crack is just my way of saying I'm willing to let go of my notions & be wrong. I'm not from missouri, but live by the slogan on the license plates "show me". The properties you are using are not so much relearning as you state, but an expansion of the knowledge base to emcompase formally unrecognized properties of our world.

You need a catchy phrase that doesn't push any of the normal "in the box" free energy hot buttons.
The non-working links on the your website don't give the perception of legitmacy. You're gonna need to hit all the right notes to raise the $100 mil or so you will ultimatly need to build SUV's from scratch. Conversions could probably be done for very much less, but won't tap into the right market or mark up. $70-100k is too low, for what you are offering, that is about what the proprietary part [may still be to low] of the technology is worth [per unit].

Keep it coming



In a message dated 10/24/2008 4:48:06 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, omitted writes:
Energy is never created or destroyed, just redirected or converted.
Then we disagree. Energy can be created and is being created all the time. However. If you are referring to the circle of life for example. A dead animal turns into dirt and makes way for a tree to grow in good soil ( at some point ) then I would agree in that case with your statement.

Electricity is never consumed only converted into heat [energy].

I turn on a light bulb. I'm consuming electricity. End of story etc..... I some time ago ( many years ago ) stopped getting and letting myself get / become engaged into theory / discussions. They are mostly not what I care to get into. Same as I don't talk politics, nor religion, etc.

Its good for you if your seeking to find out ( pick my brain so to speak ) as to how I'm doing what I'm doing. So that's not going to happen. So I've been down that road a few times.

Proof is proof though.

Yep. Undeniable. Thus the Armadillo 100% all electric ( non plug-in ) larger SUV.

If I have to eat a shit sandwich, I like Whole wheat bread with a generous splash of spicy mustard. LOL

Yea yea sure sure... Whatever. I mean that's not my motivator for doing what I'm doing and have done. Its actually taken me half my lifetime to get to this point. And I have heard a lot.

As mentioned on my web site. When Christopher Columbus discovered that the world was NOT flat. All the scientist of the world said he was crazy ! And once he proof them all wrong they had to simply later on BS their way ( talk themselves ) out of how remarkably stupid they all where to follow one an other like blind sheep !

Many will have to re-learn what they know. But well. That's not my fault. Wrong teachings = wrong thinking = stagnant growth in more ways then one.

Let's talk about other peripheral issues

Only the cosmos can take that claim. And it was the creator of this universe that has done just that. But I see it as ongoing energy and not perpetual motion of any kind.

Outside of that I have yet to see any proof here. Of perpetual motion to date. We have not done that nor am I claiming that what I have is perpetual motion of any kind. Only on running energy. 100% end of story. Simple actually now that its done. But it took me a LONG time to get to where I am now.

& assume you can do, what you claim & probably more. Why DC? say about 9 phases of AC would be much more efficent for putting power to the ground.

AC is inferior to DC in many ways. More then you think. The only reason it originally took off was due to the fact that it was and is able to travel much longer distances versus DC. Thus less costly in that regard. Tesla and Einstein totally disagreed with AC versus DC.

Once AC took off. DC was quickly forgotten. And Einstein and others went onto other projects.

Why a mobile application?

Why LOL everyone and their grandmother needs transportation. If 4 people / adults are living in one home. They can all share the electric bill. But they don't all go to work at the same place etc. The need for an all electric car is paramount in this regard. Aside from all the green energy reasons to do it.

stationary in a controlled climate reduces the component costs many times.

Cost is one issue but not the best reason. That one I did a few years ago already and as mentioned in what I wrote CC ed to you. I have powered my entire home. Or did you skim read what I sent you ? If you did don't feel bad. Its a guy thing LOL

From a marketing standpoint, a SUV is about as good as it can get!
Yep. Then we agree. Good.


I/we wont be showing this invention to anyone unless they can prove that they have the funds that we need and are very serious investors. Funds would need to be verified and., actually placed into an escrow account via our attorney. Yes, I am being extremely careful. To date I have invested well over 100,000 dollars into this not to mention many years of my life. Overall to date this project is near the 1 million plus dollar mark for R & D and is now ready to get taken to market world wide. We are ready now.

Thank You,

Sarah Angelina DeLagostti
Manhattan, New York City
United State Territories


Green Energy Systems engineered for the 21st Century :

Are you looking to invest into a brand new Green System Technologies ? We now have a few excellent money making new green energy projects. To learn about which one might be right for you and for some more information. Please go to Investor Project Section for details.

The IS-GEN project ( Integrated Systems Generator / EE Systems ) is the base invention / unit for the many projects now being offered in our investor section of this web site via the link above. Make no mistake of what we are claiming. We can now make endless electric energy. Electricity from electricity. And we are offering. Irrevocable - verifiable - scientific have proof !

To learn more go there.


Lots of quality jobs shall be created both with-in the USA as well as internationally speaking to. Both in-direct local business' like. Restaurants and coffee shops shipping companies etc etc.

Here is the answer to our #1 question : So what powers your car ? First to answer that question you need to know what does NOT power our car.

• This larger SUV / car described above does not use any kind / type of fuel what-so-ever yet it shall be able to drive at highway plus speeds.

• This larger SUV / car described above does not use any solar for its main power supply at all.

• This larger SUV / car described above does not use fuel cells of any kind. They are dangerous as I see it and should be avoided.

• This larger SUV / car described above does not use hydrogen in any form. No liquid fuels of any kind.

• This larger SUV / car described above does not use any external power source. It shall not required to be recharged at all. Never via external source/s such as via a home 120 volt wall outlet etc. Per our exclusive E2E design. You would be / shall be able to drive from NY to LA and back once built etc.

• This larger SUV / car described above does not use nor is it based on perpetual anything.

• This larger SUV / car described above does not use water as a power source of any kind. Nor steam from water.

• This larger SUV / car described above does not use nuclear anything as a power source.

• This larger SUV / car described above does not use nor burn anything to run such as coal nor wood etc.

• This larger SUV / car described above does not use anything that is combustible / explosive. Ever., as a fuel source.

• This larger SUV / car described above does not use anything liken-to : The well known Tesla design/s for extrapolation of electricity via., Ether Air or, live earth core ( earth / rod) extrapolation technologies. Developed by Mr. Nicola Tesla himself. ( This question was recently asked of us Nov 2009 )

This larger SUV / car described above does not use Magnets of any kind what-so-ever. Now nor for any of our mentioned designs.

This larger SUV / car described above does not use Power Amplification of any kind what-so-ever. Now nor for any of our mentioned designs.

This larger SUV / car described above does not use any No Air Compression No Compressor based set up of any kind what-so-ever. Now nor for any of our mentioned designs.

This larger SUV / car described above does not require to be kick started nor pushed., etc to move from point A to B ( NY to LA ) since it is self propelled via our exclusive E2E system.


OK., ok got it... So in that case. What does it use ? !


It uses our exclusive E2E ultra high-end custom extreme engineered new green energy system. Final Travel Range = Unlimited. Literally !

HOW CAN WE SAY THIS.... Easy. We can say this after many years of much R & D and the FACT that our design is a SELF RE-CHARGING design. As you DRIVE down the road.

This larger SUV / car described above does use electricity extremely efficiently via a newly electro-mechanically designed and secretly custom engineered….. Integrated power drive - Electro-Mechanical system. Developed after many years of much R & D = millions spent.

Simply put..... As the car moves forward it continually creates electricity - After / above the speed of 22 miles per hour. As our SUV moves forward it uses only enough electricity to move it forward ( depending on speed and road incline or flat road condition/s ).

Thus it is the worlds truest and very real design for the worlds very first larger SUV that shall be a 100% all electric car that literally NEVER, EVER, Shall require to be plugged into the wall. And most importantly speaking., it shall be able to drive at highway speeds 55 mph or more.


Our., All electric Armadillo SUV is designed / custom engineered to be " SELF RE-CHARGING " as you drive down the road ! Its that simply ! Our exclusive E2E Tech is light years ahead of Tesla Motors in CA or GM or any now existing or even newly being planned plug-in EV car design on planet earth ! Further more. Hybrids of any kind simply can not even come close to what we can do !


IS-GEN ( integrated systems generator ) = E2E System = Electro / Mech - Phase - Induction



Help us make this HISTORIC achievement become reality and become even wealthier in the process



E2E tech / systems = Electro / Mech - Phase - Induction.

FACT = We have done what others have only tried. Our E2E tech / systems = Electro / Mech - Phase - Induction. Which is one of a kind ! Various uses and many applications. From SUV to 30 megawatts power stations with 10 MW Net power gain sellable out to the grid. E2E is pure electric power !

Follow up post Comment :

Comment by : Hannes Lüttringhaus Premium Member Group moderator Continental

Re: E2E tech / systems = Electro / Mech - Phase - Induction. 02 Aug 2010, 10:42 am If something sounds too good to be true it usually is too good to be true.
Can you please explain your invention so we can understand it. How is it possible, that a car produces energy? Did you invent perpetual motion?
Sorry, for being ironical.


End of Comment by : Hannes Lüttringhaus Premium Member Group moderator Continental

My Reply to his post as follows :

Re 2: E2E tech / systems = Electro / Mech - Phase - Induction. 02 Aug 2010, 12:32 pm If I had a dollar for every time I had to hear the ASSumption of " perpetual motion " We would already have the needed 3.8 billion that is needed for this overall SUV for world wide production.

FYI. I do address ALL the many Past, Present and Future skeptical thinkers on planet earth via our homepage. You should go read it. But a good businessman never skim reads or do they ? I mean when you go to our web site. Dont skim read it like you did the above post since from your comment you missed..... the following KEY information :

1 ) And yes we have hands on proof for this statement. Via a small non-mobile stationary prototype - Proof of concept electromechanical prototype.

2 ) Short Description : As the Armadillo XE 1 SUV car moves over 25 MPH. It creates power/energy/ electricity. It however also uses power. Yet it likewise stores power.

NOTE that: Line 2 denotes how it is that our SUV design does what it does.

I'm sure you would have been one of the skeptics for the onset idea of a wireless phone if it was mentioned to you back in the day when only wired land lines existed and that was all that had been available back then huh ? Let me explain here....... I mean the thought of traveling 55 mph or more while traveling and going from state to state while talking on a phone might have sounded like ? Hummmmm ? I don't know. I'm not a skeptic. So what would you have said ??

How about NO LOL dumb idea ! LOL etc etc... And missed out on an international multibillion dollar venture ? Huh... Yes ? no ? Maybe I ask you?

Ball - is - in your court.

Sarah Angelina DeLagostti : )

Our designs shall become the norm and we plan on shipping them. - Though-out the globe !



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