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EXTREAM ENGINEERING..... At its very best !

Ultra Elegant Subterranean Home 300 feet below ground level zero. To Ultra High-End Mountain City escape safe heaven from 6,000 feet above sea level for your entire family is what we do best. All our designs use our exclusive E2E Tech based Power Plant System/s. To learn about E2E Tech see E2E Tech

Our one of a kind Underground City is located inside our New Mountain City design shown below.......

Ultra High-End one of a kind Customized Homes that double as Safe Underground Bomb Shelter / Elegant Bunkers. Otherwise can become a Mountain City resident as shown below. Everything that we do is. Architecturally Designed & Custom Engineered with High-End Custom Building Techniques for your entire families many personalized long term needs.


Living on., the top of a mountain is not a new concept at all as you can see from the picture above.

All underground homes as well as for our New Mountain City community are all ultra-custom arch / engineered and specifically extreme engineered / designed to be fully self-staining., as in self supportive ( off the grid 100% ) capable of keeping all inside safe for up to one years time / duration OR much more depending on actual overall final design specifications. More with on-going food supplies are replenished. By us to your location.

Architecturally Engineered to last 100 years or more. Anti-rust, steel reinforced (rebar), custom underground, water resistant thick ultra high strength concrete reinforced subterranean home - bomb shelter can be used as your secondary underground home below your existing home or as your primary home in an emergency situation.

Many years of excellent research and development has gone into one of these ultra customized subterranean home. And the same can be said for our New Mountain City sanctuary where many families efforts combined can offset the high cost of living in safety as well as the onset higher then average construction cost involved via such a massive undertaking.

Each residence is custom built exclusively for you and your entire families well being in mind. More detailed information for serious inquires only please.

IMPORTANT FACT Please take notice of this extremely important fact., that: Never before now has there been anything like this made available for you., the public till now by us.

Yes, The White House has this level of protection and so do other governments of the world however... The extremely high commercialized cost ( in the many multi-millions ) has kept this for only the few select governments of the world or the extremely wealthy.

Now we are making this available to you ( the public ). For the very first time.

Each home is designed to be located NO LESS than 300 feet underground min. feet below the earth surface. Or for the New Mountain City master planned community no less then 3000 feet above sea level.

Our one of a kind Underground City is located inside our New Mountain City design shown below.......

Fact is: The earth surface above your subterranean home, 300 feet below grade would serve as an excellent impact buffer if you will. In other words. If a nuke were to hit locally in your area., Yes, your surface level home would most likely be quickly destroyed as shown / illustrated on this web page., while you would be very much safe in your subterranean home 300 feet below the surface. Or 3000 plus feet above sea level. Ether options are excellent options for you and your loved ones.

However, one important factor that goes into all of this equation is that. In fact. Each home is ether designed for shot term use., or for long term use by your entire family. Yes, to also include your pets. All Underground Homes are no less than 3000 plus square foot min. Including mechanical floor of 1/3 of the overall assigned square foot area. How long you plan for will ultimately affect your final total cost.

New Mountain City residence's are starting at no less then 1,500 square feet. 2 bed one bath single level residence which is good for up to 4 adults or., two adults and two children and one pet. Larger plans are available.

Please understand that these are very "R E A L" subterranean homes that double as some very high-end underground bomb shelter homes that have only now been made available to you the public / private sector. As mentioned.

They are the same quality or better quality by comparison to what world governments have. Main difference being that in most cases your subterranean home will be smaller ( overall square footage ) to what is and has been available for governmental use world wide.

These underground homes are typically designed for a family of 7 or family, friends, pets. However, much larger size subterranean home designs can be custom engineered by your request.

We urge you to please act while their is still time., and contact us today since the overall process is very much time consuming to put one of these structures together for you.



New for the 21st Century. New Mountain City.

A unique one of a kind... Master Planned Community.

New Mountain City

Our one of a kind. Ultra - Custom Engineered " Underground City " is located inside our New Mountain City design shown above .......

A private community. Safe Haven.


Custom Master Engineered: For the 21st Century 6000 plus feet above sea level.

Extreme Engineering. This concept rendering is to clearly illustrate to you how the combined efforts of "the many" can make things happen for them all.

These Mountain City lifestyle - Haven. Is very much possible for around the same high cost per person as what it now costs to live in the better parts of Manhattan. With the great difference that you can be much safer here via our remote location. Versus... New York city., like other major cities around the world are terrorist targets.

Contact us : DeLagostti Industries for further information. Or got to the link provided below. Its important that you fully read, understand and agree to the information provided below ( via the link provided ) to become a a New Mountain City resident.


Now available via link provide,. information that shall clearly outline what is involved in becoming a New Mountain City resident for this

one of a kind, Master Planned community. INFORMATION / Cost's

and for additional Private Home Residence information please see below.


Again. So far as we know. No one else world wide is offering anything like this for you., the public. Information link does also denote minimum starting resident home cost etc details plus., strict requirements lifestyle rules are denoted for all future residents.

This is a city designed for those people that are not willing to consider living via an underground home.

Overall cost is much lower ( by comparison ) then an underground single family custom made underground home / bomb shelter for... just one home / family situation. I say this since via living into the skyline... Basically speaking the overall cost is shared by all New Mountain City residents.

Please do note that: many of the excellent features denoted here-in and through out this page... for an underground home., shall also go be going into New Mountain City.

INTIGRATION DISCLOSURE for 2010: Our new mountain city shall also have... An inner - Underground City located 300 feet deep inside / with-in and below as-in. Inside the mountain base / core - from the top level downward. Details are Not shown on this entire web site.

If you ever thought the idea of living on top of a Mountain City is new. Well.... It's actually not. And... Some., but not all of you might be truly surprised to know that an ancient city was already a reality a very long ago. See below............

This city is still today located on top of a mountain in South America. This is a Mountain City that was in fact designed, built, and developed by the Ancient INCA's of South America many years ago.

Please Note that : The roofing is flat. Reason for this design was so that when the need for rain water was required they would have plenty stored on top of the roof.

Small dam system would let water down as needed. Additionally speaking they had old style open plumbing system to route that water when needed. As needed for daily living requirements.



Please see important information below.....

DeLagostti Industries meet or exceeds these government guidelines:
Government Guidelines.pdf

Reasons for an underground custom Bomb shelter are as follows:

  • FACT: Nuclear threat and hit here inside the USA is more prevalent now then ever in 2008 on. And growing each and every year since 911. Current world wide predictions place this to happen between now and Dec 2012
  • FACT: Food and Electric power and Water are KEY must have items ! If you have frozen food enough for a year ... Great ! Provided you have the power to run that walk in freezer for that year etc. And then. Water needs power to be obtained and filtered and properly pressurized and processed with-in your subterranean home. SO electric power is a truly KEY essential for long term anything must have item. Via a homeland war. Gas stations shall be down. Or E2E Tech is what we offer with zero emissions of on-running reliable power system.
  • FACT: $ Money $ Hyper-Inflation = shall soon make for money, becoming literally " WORTH-less " overnight if., and when any actual all out. World Wide War III (3) ever again begins to starts happening on a global scale such as was the case in. World War II ( 2 ). If not years before. As-in..... Leading up into a WW III ( 3 ). Global economic / financial collapse would take place. And this has already started. This shall continue as a domino effect world wide. Other markets ties to ours will fail as well. Yet perhaps not as fast. This would be due to a non-stop domino effect, world wide. Already we are more then ever before a part of a world wide market place. For example: What happens in opec affects us all. What happens here affects China's well being .... etc., etc. Like it., or not. So if you are one of those wrongly thinking that hanging onto actual money in the bank is the answer. It's actually not. While buying solid gold is good. A much better investment would be via a safe heaven " Subterranean Home " for your entire family or joining our " New Mountain City " community city Informational TXT DOC is the resolve for the long term ( what if issues that are just around the corner ). Recent / past. Many whom had over 100k in the bank lost anything above and beyond that figure if not all the rest. Investing into a safe heaven for you and your family and planning ahead is the answer. But don't leave your money just sitting idle in a bank. It will literally become worthless as in. Not worth the paper that it was written on. And yes you can quote me on that. Right now a penney is literally worth more melted down then for its onset intended use. Additionally speaking. On this money topic. I am going to predict that. If this situation where to actually happen. Not only would you see people burning money in the streets but that food and high-end secure whole family shelter/s will become a much more valuable then gold ( must have item) Way better then - diamonds combined. If and whenever this does happen to happen. It would happen almost overnight. You need to eat food. You do need it to exist on an on going basis. But I have never seen walls made of pure gold blocks as-of-yet. Tell me.... Would you trade or give up what little food you and your family had for all that gold, or diamonds in this potential situation ? I hope not. So plan ahead is all we are saying. Just in case.
  • FACT: For most a non-direct hit. People " can and will survive " under the right custom designed 300 plus feet underground custom living environment for long term use. 300 plus feet underground. Anything less just simply wont do., such as designs by others that are only near the sub-surface yet just below surface ground level, as I've seen via other web site claims.
  • FACT: we are offering long term real residence subterranean home living in very elegant, comfortable, underground environment for you and your entire family. Meaning a real home for your and your family and not just a claustrophobic temporary small box that your might want to not stay in. In other words 5 star all the way. I wouldn't build anything that I personally that I wouldn't want to live in myself and that's a fact. And my personal promise to you. Also we are now offering mountain city residences for 2008 onward.
  • FACT: A family of 7 can live for 1 year or more if properly supplied and planned for via our customized subterranean home design/s. Other designs available for much larger groups. Meaning you can pool your funds together for this need. Pricing on a case by case basis.
  • FACT: All underground subterranean homes will protect you and your loved ones once inside from surface radiation fall out in the case of a localized nuclear attack here inside the USA. Our subterranean home have an exclusive and extensive embedded lining system at all exterior concrete walls.
  • FACT: Chemical attack or germ war attach. Nerve gas or or customized viral planned attach, etc. You and your family can and will survive with our subterranean home design un-like what I have seen by other sub-surface web sites. Again please understand the big difference. What we have to offer I can honestly only say has never been offered to the public, till now., and by us.
  • FACT: H5N1 bird flu that originated in Asia. In moving faster and faster around the world. Sorry to say but. The fact stands that. Soon it should make its way here to the USA. And no actual cure to date. A subterranean home underground is the ultimate resolve for you and your family's well being., long term. Since you would have your own inner space / atmosphere. Everyone inside this home would be safe from all surface related issues or concerns. One reason being that if the bird flu fully migrates into humans. And case in point its most recently fund to have crossed over into cats in France. Your underground home would completely isolate you and your loved ones from infected people and air on the surface. Your home would serve as a sterile zone or quarantined safe zone is one way to put it. In other words you would become isolated from the outside world. Our customized HVAC system kills air born germs 100% thus total protect for you and your family. You cant get that kind of safety at a hospital and as a matter of fact that would be one place to avoid since in an emergency. They would have lots of sick people waiting for days. I cant foresee wanting to be around that and breathing in bad hospital air. And that's a fact. Just ask any health care worker they will tell you that they are one of the first to get sick from patients whenever a hospital is overly full. Not a pretty picture at all sorry to say. But its the truth.
  • FACT: Make no mistake about it. People can survive under the right custom designed subterranean home conditions and that's a fact. And if that wasn't the case our government would not have an underground home style commercial bunker. living conditions as in overall environmentally speaking is very much similar to what our government ( The White House ) has right now.
  • FACT: currently there is a meteor traveling to us. Per for further information. With our design you can be much safer then not. Meaning in the case of a non-direct hit. World wide weather would be quickly adversely affected. Living underground doesn't necessarily mean that you need to be there all the time during non emergency times. Unless you want to.
  • FACT: You might think we don't live in a war zone so why worry ? War here in the USA ? After 911 really ? The real honest answer is ..... very much., Yes ! Sorry but It can happen here to us ! And its been said on CNN etc that its only a matter of time now. So yes ! This could very much potentially happen and at any moment here with-in the USA. I saw this mentioned on MSNBC Dec 2004 in great detail. After all its getting to where the entire seems to be at odds for one reason or an other.
  • FACT: Sorry to have to mention this but. Via a non-direct nuke hit. And don't forget that the nukes of today are ten times stronger then the one used during WWW II. This can make for a very long term ( large area ) slow radiation death ( for details that I do not wish to go into here ). But., put an other way. Just because we ( The USA ) might get hit / nuked wont mean that we will "all" automatically die. I know that's a popular notion. But, that is a very false assumption and a bad one at that. Some people wont even know that they are ill until later on. As a matter of fact most people will live for a bit. However, to assure a healthy existence for you and your entire family via a custom engineered underground subterranean home design - bunker bomb shelter is the ultimate long term resolve for you and your loved ones. So I strongly urge you to contact us now.
  • FACT: if you live in a very cold / always snowing area for example: Minnesota, Bismarck North Dakota or Northern Maine portion of the USA you might like to know that an underground home., located some 300 plus feet below the surface would stay at an average temperature of approximated. 58 degrees 365 days per year and that's without any heating or A/C help. From there., you could adjust your temperature up or further down via our fully customized HVAC system. If the surface turns cold for most of the globe for what ever reason / reasons you would still be safe and that's a fact.
  • FACT: during a nuclear hit ( war ) or even a dirty bomb at or near your location or perhaps not even at your location would still very much cause a very large atmospheric cloud that would make for your area and surrounding areas to experience a much colder climate since it would block the sun if large enough. Now if that happened to happen enough times as in hits of this type than these nuclear hits within the USA could even make it so that south Miami., could get snow every day of the year. Sun would be blocked out. And on that note also meaning solar power would not work. We don't use solar for your home for that very reason nor wind etc. What we do use is new and is now going into the patent process.
  • FACT: a very bad hurricane or a very bad local tornado are two other excellent reasons for one of these homes.
  • FACT: you are also protected from flooding. However we do not recommend one of these special homes in a flood zone. That's not to say that it cant be done. Meaning that the cost would become extreme.
  • FACT: under full lock down conditions these homes can not be very easily entered at all., etc., and much greater security features are available. Thus a very high safe zone living area as well as a long term location for your entire family is acquired. Such as in the case of an all out world war three here within the USA borders. I fear that this might just be around the corner with all the unstable power enraged countries out there. And I'm sure you know the ones that I speak of.
  • FACT: the best resolve is to properly plan ahead. Make no mistake other do not offer what we are offering. And this is it. In an all out crisis our government would have their hands more than extremely full. They cant be everywhere 100% of the time. Here plus world wide. In an all out, full national emergency, coast to coast, time is valuable. Meaning many if you if not gotten to quickly enough might not not survive. Time wasted can never be regained. Our hospitals would be more than extremely full. etc. I urge you to not wait and please act now. Once we are in an all out crisis nationwide we., as in DeLagostti Industries most likely will have to fully retract this public offer ( at any price ) since most people would fall ill plus communications would be down to next to nothing etc. Power down to next to nothing. Cell service down next to nothing as well. etc. Meaning that. New construction might most likely truly become next to impossible. Reason: Via / for external reasons outside our control. I would have to turn many people down. Money at that late point not being the issue.
  • FACT: all our underground homes as well as our mountain city designs are all built with the some very real high-end life support systems. For example: they each can and well be able to acquire and make their own emergency oxygen. On an as needed emergency basis. Computer controlled systems. We are not speaking of oxygen tanks ether since those would not last very long for 7 people and some pets plus plants etc. We are speaking of real oxygen made underground via your customized HVAC mechanical room system. Real science. So if surface germs are the issue. Not to worry. If massive surface poisonous dust clouds are prevailing not to worry as well., etc. But you need to act now.
  • FACT: all our ultra customized underground homes are earthquake proof. Same for our mountain city design. This is the norm or our standard and not the exception. After all that's to be expected don't you think. We think that's a must. So that's why its included for each and every subterranean home design that we build.
  • FACT: as an investment in real-estate / shelter at this level you cant go wrong. More millionaires have resulted from real-estate in the history of mankind word wide.
  • FACT: Lets be clear on one extremely important issue. Protection like this ( at this level ) has never before now., been made available to you., the public.

I know all to well... How many seem to think... That. If and when we actually get hit by a nuke at various USA locations we are all toast anyway and we all wont live so why bother ? My reply to all of you like thinkers is that. As follows:

For any direct hit to your home or city. That comment is almost 100% all true. Yes.

However as an example. Truth be known is that. When we hit Japan during WW2. Not all died. And it took time for others to die in much prolonged pain during the first two months if they even last that long. And so. I mean... Japan is still there today and doing well as a matter of fact and that's my point. Do take note that. Many did live through that WW2 nuke blast that ending the war. On the upside to that event. That one successful attack preventing many soldiers from being sent overseas to die in a land war similar to what we are now seeing today in Iraq. So., yes living through a nuclear war is very much possible.

That now said. Let me let you in on a little big secrete ok. All the various governments of the world are very much already privately prepared for a nuke hit. Reason being is that they all know all to well that survival is very much a reality if one is truly and properly prepared for the long haul !

How about you ? Will you be prepared before its to late with real protection ?

Your questions. Yes, the good and the bad and the ugly ones are always welcomed so please do e-mail us. If you don't ask you don't learn. Skype me SaraAngelina007. And if you like we are available., on a case by case basis: for other on-site consultations regarding this important topic as well for other construction consulting relating topics. Consulting fees are on a case by case basis depending on subject matter and duration of consult deemed to be required by us for your project


Please see important information below......

This is " NOT " a true / actual representation of our detailed classified custom blueprint/s that we custom engineered / design for each underground home shall be custom build onsite on your property or via a select remote location for just for you and your family. Please Note: Our designs can go into any location on earth. All designs are per you and your family needs.


We do recommend no less sub-surface to depth of no less than 300 feet below grade. Real actual arch/extreme engineered design shall be kept secret due to many years of custom proprietary research and design development by DeLagostti Technologies.









High-End Overall Functional Design Concept for both integrated Underground living newly combined for 2010nplacement into

and as well as for - New Mountain City - living Design

Engineered and Created By: Sarah Angelina DeLagostti


High Strength Impact Cocoon. Multi deflectional Structural Engineering

Using our Exclusive Custom Engineered. High-End.

Ex-O-Skeletal Structural Engineering - System's

Engineered and Created By: Sarah Angelina DeLagostti


High-End Custom Architectural Engineering

By: Sarah Angelina DeLagostti


High-End Custom Advanced HVAC Systems

By: Sarah Angelina DeLagostti


High-End Composite Design Structure-in for Functional Interior Design

By: Sarah Angelina DeLagostti


High-End Interior Design Concepts

By: Sarah Angelina DeLagostti


High-End Computer interactive information system. Smart home integrated computer system inception.

By : Sarah Angelina DeLagostti


High-End 100% off grid. E2E Tech "Green Energy Systems" plus - Long term life support designs. E2E Tech via the making electricity from electricity.

Plus various other non-mentioned required life support amenities.

Inventor. Electro-Mech Engineered and Created By: Sarah Angelina DeLagostti

E2E Tech Co-Inventor /Chief Tech Officer R & D Co-Developer as off mid 2007


High-End 100% off grid. "Electrical Mechanical Engineering Systems" for., on going.

Alternate 100% off-Grid usage Electric E2E TECH Energy System. For long term life support.

E2E Tech Engineered and Created / Designed / Engineered and Invented By: Sarah Angelina DeLagostti

E2E Tech Co-Inventor / Chief Tech Officer R & D Co-Developer as off mid 2007

"New Mountain City" Sanctuary / Heaven and Extreme Arch/Engineering. 100% off the grid self sustained designs.

Engineered and Created Design By : Sarah Angelina DeLagostti


High-End Design / Consulting for., your entire families overall specialized needs.

Engineering / Design Consulting By : Sarah Angelina DeLagostti

Fallout Shelter Locations Nationwide made for you. For you. The public provided / made by our Government



Comfort for you and your family and friends. During unstable times is a mush have.

For any long term use is., a very important aspect for all our designs.

We strongly urge you and your loved ones to please act quickly as in now....... Please do keep in mind that : Actual construction time-line varies from 1.75 year min. or more depending on your actual final design requirements as well as site location etc many details. This does not include any blueprint customizing time at all. Nor up-grade time nor after design changes.

Please see important information below......

All our underground bomb shelter homes are custom designed and custom built per your property onsite actual considerations as well as to how many people you would have living inside for up to one year time line design duration. However below is a short outline of what go's into one of these special homes.


1 ) Small medical room with medical software and book library data accessible information for real time emergency's. Remote /Access to actual doctors and actual specialist could be made accessible to provided for real time surgical situations or emergency. You would need to of course have access to a private doctor and nurse team.

2 ) Electrical Power generator ( E2E Tech ) via its own room enough to adequately run your entire underground home., long term. For 2010 E2E energy system shall be included. The required additional 1,000 square feet area shall also be included into our pricing shown below.

4 ) Underground pool which doubles as water reserve as well as for family swimming. This are to also work to properly filter out your drinking water via a high capacity reverse osmosis system.

5 ) Fuel tank ( type not disclosed. If required ) supply enough for one year duration or as deemed required. For as back-up power.

6 ) Water or well or tank. As-in supply to be located underground for long term endless supply use. Kind of overall system is not disclosed.

7 ) HVAC Air filtration system ( same as that which is now being used by the military ). Important. Meaning: To very much include germ warfare filtration capable. Your entire home shall have its own inner atmosphere in a manner of speaking,

8 ) Long term Viking refrigeration set up. For example: as in via walk in freezer. Also Viking large refrigerator. Viking stove. for your kitchen.

9 ) Custom Computerized Communication system/s tied directly into customized smart home computer security system features for overall home as well as enabled voice command set up ( for in the case of one being impaired / injured )

10) Alarm system with spy cams open as well as hidden cams plus mush more available security options avail.

11) Cameras for., from underground to surface views etc. can be made available.

12 ) Elevator shaft with spiral concrete stairs. Custom designed per each home set up.

13 ) 100% walls flooring and ceiling shall be solid concrete enclosure plus undisclosed additional protection ( confidential ) design build into all subterraneous homes that we design and build for you.

14 ) Customized., smart home capabilities our standard as per each clients needs as well as how many people shall live long term in shelter etc details. For example: auto lock down.

15 ) Overall 7 Bedrooms design are available. Plus 1 Living room. 1 Kitchen. 1.5 Bathrooms plus Storage room. Approx. ( overall ) current design minimum 3,300 + - square feet. Excluding the access shaft area square footage which is more of course if you were to include it as well.

16 ) Each floor height shall be set at 10 feet per floor ( standard ). Overall current basic design is set for 3 subterraneous floor levels minimum. Additional floor levels at additional cost.

17 ) Standard Depth for 2008 was reset to 300 feet min. below finished grade level as a minimum. Next subterranean Home now is set for no less than 300 feet below finished surface grade level. This standard to apply for any private mountain city custom home designs as well.

The above is just a very "quick overview list" of what goes into one of our very high-end and very "real" underground subterraneous homes that double as a real bomb shelter. To much to go into via a this web site so please do contact us right away if your considering having us custom designing and building one for you.

Please be aware that : You must have at least one acre of open "additional land" available on your property. for one of these homes or better said. Ideally speaking an overall of 3 total acres would be best.

We strongly suggest ( as an add-on custom design option ) to set aside 1,000 sq feet for a minor emergency room.


Subject: Stay Safe in the ER
Date: 4/3/2009 1:13:50 A.M. Central Daylight Time
Reply To:

Dear Sarah Angelina Delagostti,
A hospital emergency room may seem a safe haven, but medical errors are now so common it can be a danger zone in its own right. Joel Cohen, MD, author of ER: Enter at Your Own Risk -- How to Avoid Dangers Inside Emergency Rooms, tells why you should research several local emergency rooms before you ever need to visit one. He shares six tips that will get you better treatment anywhere -- and also reveals a few particular emergencies that are best handled outside the emergency room.

All the best,

Jessica Kent

Dangers you should know before visiting the emergency room


PRICE / COST Question: How much is one of your basic private Subterranean Home. That is to say one of your basic high-end engineered underground homes that double as bomb shelters ?


Automatically pre-set to $ 48,186,709 on January 1st 2012

However - Co-Op Multifamily Community PLAN of 4 families PLAN = Large Discount.


FYI - Cost Comparison Note : Costs incurred via Global Government Structures costing well into the many BILLIONS

Please note from 2012 onward that. In FACT Pricing is subject to change without notice due to the potential of hyper-inflation concerns.

Basic private subterranean home square footage = 1,100 per floor X 3 floors = 3,300 square feet. Of living space. Plus., Mechanical room floor.

Please do note that. We have in fact been including the required 1,000 square feet for this required Mechanical floor as off January 1st 2010.

So simply speaking that means that overall square footage = 4,300

Please Note : As of Jan 1st 2010 all subsequent private subterranean homes custom engineered / designed and they must be custom build by " us " in which case they shall be constructed - With ( to be included in price shown above ) one of our new E2E high-end E2E Tech life support power supply system. We have been including this important required 1,000 square feet mechanical room floor space - Since January 1st 2010.

What is E2E Tech ? Electricity for your private subterranean home. Basic 100% off-the-grid. Continuous & On-running independent electric power supply system. E2E Tech. Custom engineered By DeLagostti Technologies.

  • $ 20,482,000 or., Twenty million, Four hundred and Eighty Two Thousands dollars. USD.
  • Formerly set in 2008 price was no less then $15,400,000 or fifteen million four hundred thousand dollars.
  • Please take notice that: Yearly Pricing always goes up on January 1st of each subsequent year. Pricing shall automatically increase by approx. 33% above what is being now shown for any non- signed or non-legally finalized contractual agreement/s. No exceptions.



IMPORTANT: It takes at least one year from the time that actual ground work is commenced. From started to full completion one basic subterranean homes. And that is also to say provided that there are no changes as in. No required add-ons by you, nor us, nor special requested customizations to be added-in request's by you, During actual construction phase. Nor any outside delays which normally always do happen as a norm. So do add more time. Do tale notice that: During a homeland war the offer will no longer be possible and here-in mentioned as void.



All underground homes would be 100% capable of existing full time off the grid. Meaning: Life sustainable on its own. Simply put. Independent systems in the case that your local power company goes off line ( is down for an extended time period. One month or more ) Or, if water and gas services become non-active from your local utilities companies etc.

Please note that: depending on overall final design details / features your actual overall final cost design / construction costs etc might be more. However, you would know up-front ( price quote ) those overall costs prior to any actual on-site construction start-up and in writing. Also. A signed contractual agreement would be of course required.

Important notice: Via our corporate attorney. We would be requiring that a notarized " non-suability waver " would be required to be signed by you the client/s for all custom subterraneous bomb shelter home/s that we design and custom built for you etc. This is being done similarly to what hospitals ask you to sign prior to getting major surgery or and admitted to the hospital to avoid un-founded lawsuits. I do love this country however., lawsuits are at an all time high for the history of this country. I do hope you can understand this from where I stand. We do however., always back up our work in writing and offer full construction warranties.

To get the process started we would first need to see what your personalized needs might be for you and your family. A consultation would first be required with you and all concerned. Information such as the overall area that you are planning to have us design for and build onto with one of these unique one of a kind underground subterraneous homes for you. Meaning that much go's into the overall consideration for your final price quote analysis prior to a detailed consultation.

Onset site and consulting. Plus travel fee to your proposed location would be required to come up with a " preliminary overall final cost analysis." That onset cost is currently set at no less than. For 2008 onward as being no less then. Onset Cost: $45,500 to include our travel time etc.

However. Initial visit only assessment and consulting ( not as mentioned above ) cost can be also done via as an onset retainer fee of., Only $ 5,000 Please note: ( no testing, no ground core sample work, No sole pocket studies, nor scientific geographical study, no area strategic studies, no design work ). Which is included above. This is a get to know each other meeting and to talk about your overall design needs. Consulting only.

Your location hotel accommodations, duration of stay etc., details to your selected location. How long I / we are there is not a factor. This fee would be required to be paid up-front and in full prior to our coming out to your selected location. This consulting fee / cost mentioned above is non-refundable. However, if you contractually hire us., and as a result ask us to proceed with your overall turnkey project and go onto signing and executing with us a contractual agreement to proceed with your full construction services from start to finish in which case we would be quite happy to apply the above figure/s to your final overall price quote as a credit. Otherwise the above figure would not be refunded in the case that you elected to not proceed.

If you are ready to proceed please do not hesitate to contact us right away. Pricing is strictly on a case by case basis due to your overall needs per you home location etc details. Design /construction costs / pricing subject to change without notice prior to signed final contract via this web site. Your actual Location may indeed affect final cost etc. For example New York City or more costly locations such as Hawaii etc. Please contact us for further details


Earth Cross Section

Above Shown Cross Section is shown here to clearly illustrate how it clearly is that 300 feet below the surface level is NOT actually all that much at all..... The new sub level for the new., NY subway us being built at this 300 plus foot sub-level elevation from the surface. And then lastly speaking - Most all... Mining around the world is very done to even much lower earth depths then only., 300 feet



On a more personal note for 2008 on : I thought to mention this to all of you reading this.

I often get a surprised look from various people whenever I've mentioned that any design ( for " proper protection " ) should be absolutely NO less then 300 feet below the surface for 2008 on-ward. And I do think the above cross section above is a really good way to convey to everyone as to the why of it all. So I tell them to go to this section of our web site. After all. A picture is worth a thousand words. Right ? Yes I know... People think I'm eccentric enough. And yes. I'm ok with that. Just sad that you can lead a horse to water but you cant make them drink.

And since people aren't horse's. I hope to expect more from most of you more educated thinkers.


Also. I often end up smiling and saying. I have to tell you ...... I now know exactly how. Noah ( of the story of Noah's Arch whom saved all the animals and friends etc so the story goes ) must have felt while no-body was listening to him.............

And so the story goes that once it actually started pouring down with extreme thunder rain and high storms /winds etc and the high floods came... It was much to late to have tried to save the others pleading to be let into the boat.

Had Noah listened and opened the doors to let more people in... Well. To have done so. The entire boat would have sunk., like a rock !

I can only now imagine how hard it must have been for him to have to be forced., to do absolutely nothing !!!


So... sadly its just a matter of time. I don't see things. As in the world. Getting any better. I mean. Sorry but. Honestly speaking. And I know they do try but. Our politicians cant even talk to one an other all that well and agree on much at all. Much less asking others outside the USA to all think as one big global happy minded world ? I mean. Yes ! I am hopeful But...

Better to be prepared. Is all I'm saying. Better safe then sorry. I mean the White House is prepared for what-ever. And so should you also be prepared for what-ever as well.


Sara D.

PS. skeptics and greedy people that love money more then themselves and their loved ones need not apply.

PSS. I am not offering this for the money. If I never ever worked again for the rest of my life I would be just fine.

If you like the idea behind Noah you might want to see Man-Man Engineered Floating Island / Resort


One of a kind Bomb Shelter which doubles as High-End home for long term use. Underground Homes

One of a kind safe haven living in a safe high elevation community via New Mountain City.





Questions & Answers - Related News Section

Happening Now


Also. An excellent TV show that goes into great detail on this overall subject / topic of national security etc., is called " 24 Hour " Please go to the Fox network web site address below to learn more about it.

So far as I am aware., it's now into it's 8th season ? Trust me this is an award wining show. Its a must see show for all concerned on the topic of homeland terrorism. The hyperlink is below. You might even like to purchase all 4 seasons. It good information, for what could potentially happen and for what has and is now happening.

24 Hrs





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