Dec 07

Things To Keep In Mind While Booking A House And Land Package

Booking A House And Land Package

Real estate industry has grown drastically in past few years with increasing population, purchasing power and demand in the world market. Buying a house is a long-term commitment with so many things on the stake. Therefore, the last thing we fear would be something going wrong at the time of making the buying decision, which you might repent later. While seasoned buyers may have an idea of how it all works, first time buyers may find themselves lost in this competitive market. Aveling homes are here to help you. With the array of offerings and consultation they offer, you would be able to make an appropriate choice. The real estate industry has been volatile for some time due to a slow down few years back, but its gaining pace and you can refer to the new trends and hot properties in the market by visiting www.forbes.com/

Buying a house and land package may sound like a very lucrative option, but there are various hidden factors worth a consideration before investing your hard-earned money into it. While there are all options available from small, affordable houses to luxurious, lavish bungalows, primarily you need to identify your lifestyle requirement and budgets limitations. This would filter the choice to a certain level. Few considerations include:
• Community layout and necessary amenities like school, shopping complex, hospitals, landscaping and green belt, parks with kids play area and walking tracks to maintain a healthy lifestyle and many more. The distance and travel time from your workplace may also matter since having a comfortable house will be of no use if you have no time to enjoy the lifestyle.

• The location and appreciation of the value: One should prioritize to invest in blue chip areas which are premium estates. This setup involves big developers taking the land issued by states as an investment and then resell it to the owner-occupiers instead to other developers. The resale value is an important consideration. Sometimes you may consider taking up a property for investment purpose, targeting to resell it in few years down the line.

• The layout of the block: The size, shape, inclination, slope, the texture of the intersection of land chosen is essential. This would be a deciding factor in the architectural designing, construction pattern, cost of raw material used, extra work to be done for leveling of the base and most importantly the finances required to carry out the whole process. If you default to making this choice, this may have a long-lasting effect on the life and maintenance of the property.

• Should be clear about the cost estimate and the inclusions: Usually the prospective customer makes the buying decision by viewing the display home. But at the time of the booking, one should be clear about the cost estimate of the construction as well as the features and facilities covered and provided at this price.

• The completion schedules and construction quality: The builder should give you a clear indication of the completion of the construction deadlines so that you can plan accordingly. One should do surprise check and supervision of contraction process, to ensure that the assured quality of construction is rendered.

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